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Apostolic International Ministries

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The word "AIM", is an acronym for "Apostolic International Ministries" in English or "AID" for "Apostolische Internationale Dienste", in German. One can also understand this word as: "...the goal, the purpose or to aid the goal ... " 

AIM Church Meetings 

AIM is a "Free Church" that gathers in Aschersleben & the Mansfeld Castle, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany 

Drop by & let's get to know each other! We'd love to meet you!

All Are Welcome! 

      Aschersleben, oldest town of Saxony-Anhalt                                                                          Schloss Castle in Mansfeld land 

 Sundays at 10 am &/or 3 pm. Fridays at 6 pm 


The last Sunday of the month:
*Gatekeepers Alliance Meeting at 3 pm 

*God's Praying Army at 4 pm


Our services are always in both the German and English languages

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This Ministry Embraces Jesus' Ministry 

JESUS is the Apostle, the Prophet, the Evangelist, the Pastor/Shepherd, and the Teacher, in His Church, the Ecclesia. 

God is looking for Sons who would worship Him in spirit and truth (John 4:24), and be led by His Spirit (Romans 8:14), to do on earth what they see the Father do in heaven (John 5), and to speak what they discern Him speaking (John 10)! God is looking for His people to have intimate relationships with Him. This is how Jesus works with His people and through them. Jesus chooses some in His Church, delegates authority to them, and imparts specific gifts from Himself to them, to function as He does. We call these gifts the "fivefold" ministry gifts (Ephesians 4:7-16). The gifts proceed from the intimate relationship that His chosen ones have with Him. They are not independent of intimacy with God, but an overflow from Him, like a channel, through to others. This flow is constantly refreshed by the intimate relationship of the receiver of the gift to function and never stops. It's how Jesus continues to do His work from heaven, on earth, as He had done before He died, rose from the dead and returned to heaven. Through intimacy with Him, through the Holy Spirit, we would know His heart and mind on what needs to be done. 

Jesus is the Apostle, the Prophet, the Evangelist, the Pastor/Shepherd, and the Teacher, not His fivefold ministers. This intimate partnership His chosen ones have with Him, causes them to function as He did on earth and bring them to grow into Him, in full maturity, as He had done with His disciples and people, while He was on the earth. 

Therefore, we honor this anointing because it comes from Jesus and belongs to Him, not to the carrier. All five ministry gifts are equal in value, but different in function and responsibility. The true apostle and prophet gifts are a function, not a self-given title, and are given to some, not because they are elite believers. These gifts are given by Jesus to some who are appointed by God, as He wills. They're not a self-appointment, taken by human self-will.

True apostles and prophets, are not isolated, popularity and fame-seeking gifts, a hierarchy, or dictatorship for control of the evangelist, the pastor, and the teacher, or anyone else, as some misunderstand them to be. They have been graced with a call and anointing that unfolds and brings insight of God's plans, with wisdom and strategy to raise and release the Church to advance with God's Kingdom will, swifter and stronger than ever! These two gifts are often viewed suspiciously and are often aborted by others because what they carry seems too good to be true. They have not suddenly appeared on the scene either, in a contemporary, modern age, as a new teaching to dominate and overthrow others before them. They always existed, but were overlooked and overthrown for various reasons.

True prophets (they have the revelation to build) and true apostles (they have the wisdom to build and make things happen) are relational gifts, as Jesus is, seeking to raise sons, as they would align with the pastor, teacher, and evangelist, the Church of Jesus, to become a love-motivated, truth-based, united whole unit, as Jesus intended it to be, building into each other, as a God Team. But Jesus first brings and trains a person under a leader, who has been walking with Him for several years, to learn in humility, to submit to that leader and be accountable. Just as a disciple has a teacher, a son, must have a father and learn, so to one day become a father too, and also raise their own spiritual sons. Anyone can make a baby, but it takes wisdom, to become a father and raise sons, who would also one day become a father to raise sons (2 Timothy 2:2). First, ask God to showyour father and align yourself to this spiritual parent, be committed and learn this father. It's not about gender, it's about the fathering spirit this parent carries. Every son should have a father and every father should have sons. To whom much is given, much is required!  

Pastor Sandra Moonsamy Malina


Sandra Moonsamy-Malina was born in South Africa and is known, as Sandra Moonsamy. The Lord found her broken life in 1985, picked her up, and gave her hope again. He immediately began her training under the Holy Spirit, with anointed men and women of God, who helped sharpen her gifts and call from the Lord. Her functional gifts were immediately recognized as apostolic and prophetic.
In 1992, the Holy Spirit set apart Sandra for ministry and she was sent apostolically to the nations. This sending was confirmed and affirmed by a presbytery team, of apostles and prophets, as was in Acts 13. Her first assignment was eight apostolic journeys to Mauritius, where she stayed for three to six months on each journey, and also traveled apostolically around the island preaching the gospel, reaching lost souls, and imparting to believers, through her anointed teachings, training, strengthening, and equipping God's people, for the work of the ministry, which she did for the next ten years. 

Sandra Moonsamy and Stan Malina were married in South Africa, officiated by apostle, Dr. Robert Munien, pastor of the church Grace Outreach International, where she attended. Presently, she resides with her husband in Germany. 

Pastor Stan has been serving the Lord for over 50 years. Pastor Sandra Moonsamy-Malina has had over 30 years of experience, especially in the apostolic and prophetic ministry, with the grace to strengthen believers and plant churches. She, together with her husband, is the spiritual leader and visionary of Apostolic International Ministries: a vision that was conceived, and birthed for several years, before it became a ministry and physical church plant in the West of Germany, in 2005, among local people and international students. In 2020, the couple moved to the east of Germany, which was a sending by the Lord. Being instructed by the Holy Spirit in August 2021, they began their second church plant, with a vision to reach the lost and equip the believers. As you may have already noticed, both Sandra and Stan carry different callings, giftings, and multi-ministry functions, with which they serve God individually and corporately, honoring each other's anointings, as a God-Team, with a mutual purpose to build God's Kingdom. 

Some Ministers, who have spiritually invested in Sandra's life for several years include, Apostle Ronnie & Pastor Shirley Naidoo, Apostle Robert and Pastor Judy Munien; Pastors Abel and Dolly David; Dr. Sharon Stone; Apostle Israel Onoriobe, and other precious covenant relationships.

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Pastor Stan Malina


What Are Some People Saying About This Ministry?

"I have known Sandra Moonsamy Malina for the past

30+ years, from the time she taught Sunday school classes

in our neighbourhood and doing missionary work in Mauritius.

I have known her to be a person of integrity who is devoted

to the things of God. She is courageous, determined and bold,

as a woman of prayer given to the work of God.

She has been passionate in her commitment to

teaching others the principles of the Kingdom of GOD."





".. We have known Sandra for a number of
years. We knew her quite well for approximately one year

when she lived in Ireland and have kept in communication

with her since she returned to Germany.
We always found Sandra to be kind and courteous with

a servant heart while also being full of God’s word

utilizing the wisdom and faith God has given her..."

Sean Rath & Angie Rath



"... Pastor Stanislaw Malina had been ministering in

the Wisla Baptist church from 1982 to 1989. Additionally,

he was also the national evangelist.

We appreciate his love, his care for people and

his commitment in building God's Kingdom. He has been

a great asset to our church and country Poland..."

Pastor Waldemar Bronowicki


"... Pastor Stanislaw Malina had been ministering in

the Wisla Baptist church from 1982 to 1989. Additionally,

he was also the national evangelist.

We appreciate his love, his care for people and

his commitment in building God's Kingdom. He has been

a great asset to our church and country Poland..."

Pastor Waldemar Bronowicki


"... Thank you and God so much for sending you

to Mauritius to encourage us...."

Pastor Edward



"In the year of 2012, I was seeking for a church that

spoke and taught in English, as well. It was to prepare me

for my move to the United States.

I got to meet the AIM church in Flensburg, and from

the first service on, I felt connected to Stan and

Sandra (Pastors).

They stood by me in this time of transition, they

encouraged me, strengthened me, taught me. In

their personal life they even were there for me,

spending time and effort in hospitality.

They were a living example of a church who is there

for their members.

I appreciate Stan and Sandra very much! May the Lord

further bless them abundantly for their ministry

to God's people, as Jesus' living example."




* RRAP - Restoration of the Apostolic & Prophetic

* DERBE - First Principles of faith & More

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